Dayton Superior Monitoring Ongoing Tariff Negotiations

On Friday May 10th, the previous 10% tariff imposed by the U.S. Government on approximately $200 billion Chinese import products was raised to 25%.

As a U.S. owned and operated manufacturer, Dayton Superior produces more than 90% of our 14,000 SKUs domestically. As such, the majority of our product portfolio is not subject to current volatility created by ongoing trade negotiations. Dayton Superior’s product portfolio can provide a consistent means to help you be successful with your customers by offering product solutions that consistently perform and exceed expectations.

Our domestic product capabilities allow us to provide on-time deliveries to keep your customer’s schedule requirements. Our local support and engineering provides you with the expertise necessary to succeed.

For the small percentage of product in our portfolio affected by the tariff, we will be delaying any decisive action until at least June 15, 2019. Doing so allows us to better evaluate the ever-changing trade climate and related political responses, while carefully weighing options that best serve our business and our customers.

We will continue to closely monitor the tariff issue and make additional updates to this page as new information on this important issue become available.


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Dayton Superior Chinese Tariff Communication - 09/24/18